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Farm on! Has chickens to take care of. Grandpa is here to help you get started with the produce.

Portrait mode – play with just one hand!

The only game where you can tend your farm in portrait mode.

Wide range of gorgeous buildings, animals and products in a simplistic user interface

Keep your bones strong with Farm On! dairy products. We love our farm dessert shop. Prepare a healthy breakfast. The juice bar is your go-to place for healthy drinks.

Juices will flow at level 6!

Start your day on the farm with toast. Our milkshake brings all the cows to the farm.
Happy, cheery piggies on our farm. Bees provide honey for the farm.

Bee-witching graphics!

Fresh milk on the farm is essentials for making tasty produce. We even have a sheep on your farm!

Looking good, baae!

Only free range chickens for your farm! Your loyal dog is always happy to help you out on the farm. Every majestic farm needs a majestic horse.
Corn is the best crop! Keep the pen happy with some pig food. Scramble your way through Farm On! with this omelette.

Scramble your way to level 8 and beyond!

What’s a farm in the summertime without watermelon? A glass of apple juice a day keeps the heat away. Eat some fresh bacon for a good start of the day. Collect wood and build yourself a new barn. Eat a salad and grow big and strong.

Lettuce create new recipes!

Farming carrots is easy and instantly tasty! No tasty meal would be incomplete without good homemade bread.

Order trains that are real trains at level 21!

Check out our free transportation system. Faster than a speeding cow, stronger than a local chicken.


Farm On! is a simulation game that lets you build your farm, grow crops, trade resources, and help your farm live long and prosper – all with just one hand!

Farm on screenshot crop fields
Farm on screenshot market delivery
Farm on happy portrait game
Farm on screenshot happy animals
Farm on farming gifts
Farm on girl with a basket


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